Ep. 44: AUKUS is a bad pact: poor optics, retreat from Quad, nuclear proliferation Listen now (8 min) | Biden shows that the US is a capricious, unreliable partner, even as it faces an unprecedented, almost existential, threat from Ch…
Ep. 43: All those anniversaries, but they all may boil down to the powerful screwing the meekListen now (14 min) | There are strange connections among them as well
Ep. 42: Mr Modi goes to Washington in the middle of a chill in Indo-US relationsListen now (10 min) | The Quad has been deprecated, and the US is busily kowtowing to China, while trying to sell weapons to India
Notes for a talk in Malayalam on Aug 27
Ep. 41: Has Apple peaked?Listen now (11 min) | The most valuable company in the world may not be able to keep up its torrid pace
Ep. 40: The rationale behind China’s clampdown on its technology championsListen now (13 min) | There are many possible motives: triumphalism and industrial policy, for instance
Ep. 39: A tale of two hacks: Pegasus and China’s Microsoft Exchange penetrationListen now (17 min) | One is the very picture of gaslighting; the other shows Western helplessness
Ep. 38: South Africa matters to usListen now (6 min) | We need to understand why the tragic riots happened
Ep. 37: Lessons for India from Africa: Beware of those bearing giftsListen now (13 min) | Arbitrary colonial boundaries and sub-nationalism are poison
Ep. 36: What does the American withdrawal from Afghanistan mean for India?Listen now (7 min) | By trusting Pakistan, they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory
Ep. 35 "Things are much better now that Biden is President"Listen now (8 min) | The New Normal doesn't seem all that normal
Ep. 34: What could India have done when a Black Swan event hit?Listen now (12 min) | If you look beyond the motivated accusations from malign forces, India did about as well or as badly as any other country