N^3, thank you for the comment. clearly the theological argument that non-whites are inferior (sons of ham kind of thing) and therefore exterminating them is perfectly acceptable. in practice, what it means is that white people had better guns or in general better weapons. the shoe would have been on the other food when non-whites had the better weapons. genghiz khan and his mongols demonstrated this by whipping white armies.

i am not sure the virus was a money making venture first and foremost. it was bio-weaponry, from the notion of bio-defense dating back to the anthrax-laced mails that arrived in the mailboxes some years ago.

as for 'peer reivewed journals', the economist had a long-read (Doctored Data at https://www.economist.com/science-and-technology/2023/02/22/there-is-a-worrying-amount-of-fraud-in-medical-research) that talks about this scam in medical research. most of these peer-reviewed papers are fraudulent.

this is not the first, or the last, bug to be weaponized. there wil be more

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Mar 11, 2023·edited Mar 11, 2023

Biological WMD use includes legends about Smallpox-laden blankets supplied to Native Americans in both North and South America (still called "Indians" by the Geographically-Challenged). One exploration of that is at https://web.stanford.edu/dept/HPS/MayorSmallpox.pdf

Whether someone had a "bright idea" in 2019 to pull back economic progress and/or trigger a Black Swan On Demand to cash in on the stock market, and whether there was an attack/retaliation, are all scary but relevant questions. One of the victims of The Pandemic is the credibility of so-called "Peer-Reviewed Top Journals". At least in the field of Medicine, these were seen to be no more ethical or trustworthy than Mainstream Media. At $5000 a paper, one could and still can evidently "Buy" publications in these journals. So we are left with no reliable pillars of Truth, and your CT is as good as mine. :)

We do seem to have come close to seeing the actual results if the "Satan Bug" of Alistair McLean had in fact spread and grown. Somehow most of Humanity survived. Far too many did not. Survivors now declare with conviction that they have experienced Memory Loss due to the vaccination, and many other ailments. But they survived...

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