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Thanks for watching that, Doc. Shiv! Yes, this is like the Road Runner Show. The Coyotes are **ALWAYS** trying. With utterly deadly intent. Trouble is, Eternal Victory Over The Coyote is not guaranteed in real life. They need to win only once, as Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Vijayanagaram, Hampi etc found out. One has to come up with Effective Deterrents. And apply them. Generously disproportionately and pre-emptively.

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Good to hear Prof. Komerath again. He is right in saying that the India stock market is shallow. When a market crash deeply affect a nations economy, Soros type games would work better. Secondly, in most corrupt, elite led nations like Pak and Sri Lanka making the elite lose money would hit the poor because the elite would further squeeze the poor. India currently, under Modi is nothing like that. A stock market loss does not touch the economy that is mostly out of it. Soros has been directly hit by Modi in the way India has cracked down on foreign NGO funding. Soros' modus operandi is a pincer to fund rebellion via the poor while shaking up the ruling elite. Both tactics have been rendered ineffective by Modi. Demonetization and the digital economy makes it very difficult to push funds in for gaandmasti as they say in France. That is why Soros hates Modi.


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